South East Shire Horse Association show

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the South East Shire Horse Association, or SESHA!

We have been given the exciting opportunity to take over the Blindley Heath Country Show which had reached its development potential. Our new Show will henceforth be known as The Blindley Heath Heavy Horse & Country Show.

The amalgamation of the two Shows will result in a larger event incorporating all the rural traditions and countryside activities which, together with the delightful heavy horses, miniature horses, vintage tractors, historic vehicles, etc. will provide two full days of interest and offer something for all the family to enjoy. Bring your dog to take part in our Family Dog Show, Terrier Show and Terrier Racing - a must for all dog lovers!

We hope you will visit our new Show on 30th April and 1st May to join us for a lovely family day out.